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Gearbox Repair
Wolfking Type Repair Kits available:
Seals Only
Bearings and Seals Kit
Bearings, Seals and Mtg Hardware Complete Kit

125 HP Gearbox Repair Kits (OEM PN 30186)
Seals Only
Bearings and Seals Kit
Bearings, Seals and Mtg Hardware Complete Kit
Kits for 150 HP Gearboxes available also

You must specify the part number of the gearbox when ordering parts

How to "Repair CD" available for $50.00
Picture above shows the typical parts required to repair the typical Gearbox
Input Shaft OEM Type Ref PN 75 HP=30943 / 50 HP=30034 / 40HP=30286
Main Gear OEM Type Ref PN 75 HP=30945 / 50 HP=30038 / 40 HP=30295
Output Shaft OEM Type Ref PN 75 HP=30944 / 50 HP=30237 / 40 HP=30245
Brz Sleeve OEM Type PN 50 HP=30040 / 40 HP=30416
Special extended Output Shaft 75 HP Gearbox only OEM Type PN 312874

Call for a price and availability

Please provide part numbers or
Gearbox model number and ratio with inquiry
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Used David Brown Gearbox Available for sale.
OEM PN 10366
Call for a price and details.
Important Notice:  
All items, parts, and accessories listed are manufactured to our own specifications or to the vendors
specifications.  These items are replacement parts for many brands of food processing equipment.  The
Mincemaster, Poss, Boader, etc., are registered trademarks of their respective companies.  All original
equipment manufacturer's names are listed with the word "TYPE" or "STYLE" to indicate that these items
are not manufactured by the original equipment manufacturers.  We are not affiliated with any of these
The part numbers listed on this page are the OEM part numbers and are listed for your reference
only.  Please consult your manual to confirm the correct part numbers before placing an order.  
Parts vary based on the vintage of your machine and may change over time.  
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Food Grade Oil Available

OEMPN WKI11423 Food Grade 6-220

OEMPN WKI11425 Food Grade 6-460