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ANCO  *  AUTIO   *   Baader   *   Beehive   *   Belam
Butcher Boy  *  Cozzini  *  Comvair  *  Fomaco  *  Formam
Grote  *  Handtmann  *  Hobart  * Hydra-Separator
KS  *  K&G  *  Meatmaker  *  Mincemaster  *  Prince
Scanio  *  Selo  *  Sepamatic  *  Seydelmann  *  Simo
Sterling  *  Townsend  *  Toyo  *  Weiler  *  Wolfking
Yieldmaster  *  Waukesha Pumps
The above listing of OEM's are listed as a reference only, NPK LLC is not associated
in any way with any of these companies.
After Market Spare parts available for the following equipment:

Meat grinders, Injectors, Tumblers, Emulsifier, Mechanical
Deboning & Desinewing, Tenderizers,  Micro Cutters, BES Bone
Elimination System, Meat Pump, CFD, Bone Collector,  Wolfking Belt
Conveyors, Wolfking Screw Conveyors,Wolfking SFH Conveyors,
Slicers, Bowl Choppers
Partial List of After Market Spare Parts available:

Needles, Knives, Plates, Hole Plates, Inserts, Needle Guides,
Grinder Plates, Precutters, Augers, Gearboxes, Pistons, Blades,
Injector Needles, Compression Rings, Rotors, Pump Veins, 30061
Inserts, 39441 Inserts, 39041 Inserts, 1972 Insert, 1967 Insert, 1458
Insert, 2448 Insert, 1991 Insert, 1154 Insert, 11W Insert, 2440 Insert,
1459 Insert, 1155 Insert, 2066 Plate, 2436 Plate, 2076 Plate, 6083
Plate, 6084 Plate, 6038 Plate, 6046 Plate, 1115 Plate, 1116 Plate, 1113
Plate, 1114 Plate, 1137 Plate, 1142 Plate, 1665 Plate, 1666 Plate, 1663
Plate, 1664 Plate, 1101 Knife, 1102 Knife, 801 Knife, 802 Knife,
Support Rings, Shearing Rings, Lug Rings, Seals, Worms, Kidney
Plates, Knife Housing, Lining, Pressure Gate, Suction Gate, Pump
Housing, Bushings, Worm Pins, Laurer Panels, Brevini Gearbox,
Bowl Cutter Knives, Slicing Knives.
    Important Notice:  
    All items, parts, and accessories listed are manufactured to our own specifications or to the
    vendors specifications.  These items are replacement parts for many brands of food processing
    equipment.  The names of original equipment manufacturers referred to on this site, such as but
    not limited to Weiler, KS, Mincemaster, Poss, Boader, etc., are registered trademarks of their
    respective companies.  All original equipment manufacturer's names are listed with the word
    "TYPE" or "STYLE" to indicate that these items are not manufactured by the original equipment
    manufacturers.  We are not affiliated with any of these companies.
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