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Injector Needle Care Services

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    NPK LLC can clean the needles for you.

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    Part Number OEMPNWKI11508

    Ultrasonic Cleaning System:
    What is ultrasonic cleaning?

    Ultrasonic Cleaning combines the sciences of engineering and chemistry to create an unsurpassed clean.   It occurs
    when ultra-high frequency sound waves are passed through a cleaning solution creating cavitation.  Cavitation creates
    a high-energy vacuum effect, safely pulling debris, foreign particles and contaminants from object surfaces.
    With Ultrasonic Cleaning, both the exterior and interior surfaces, including blind holes, are thoroughly cleaned.  
    Ultrasonic Cleaning has been proven to be 16 times more affective than manual methods and cleans areas that are
    unreachable with manual cleaning.

    The SweepZone technology uses "Smart circuit," a customer-engineered electronic component that creates constant
    Power Output (CPO) for consistent, uniform cleaning.  This technology incorporates Pulse Width Modulation (PWM),
    which enables the SweepZone Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems to sense cleaning loads, solution level and voltage
    fluctuations.  What does that mean?  The SweepZone cleaning systems automatically adjust to different conditions to
    create uniform cleaning power-eliminating hot spots and weak areas.

    A special cleaning solution specifically for injector needles is available.  The cleaning tray is designed so the needles sit
    at an angle improving the cleaning process. The specialized cleaning fluid is sold by the gallon.  It is mixed at (1) part
    solution to (5) parts water.  This means one gallon of cleaner and 5 gallons of tap water per tank.  It should provide
    approximately (8) cleanings per gallon at a cost of $8.00-$10.00 per day per injector equipped with (300)+ needles.  The
    time to clean one set of needles (150)+ is 12-20 minutes.  The needles must be removed shortly after the cleaning cycle,
    rinsed with water and not be left to soak in the solution.  Each tank will clean at least eight sets of (150)+ needles.  If the
    needles are cleaned daily, as desired, additional cleanings may be made without changing the solution.  Different brine
    additives may increase or decrease the number of cleanings per tank.

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Ultrasonic Needle Cleaning
NPKLLC,Meat Injection Process
Meat Injector Needles,Belam/GEA/CFS
    An Ultra-Sonic Cleaner is a must for maximizing your injector’s cleaning
    agent using ultra-high frequency sound waves passing through a cleaning
    solution creating cavitation. Cavitation creates a high-energy vacuum
    effect, safely pulling debris, foreign particles and contaminants from
    object surfaces.

                               Needle Cleaning Prices:

                0-99           Needles $ 1.50 each
                100-199    Needles $ 1.05 each
                200-299    Needles $ 0.90 each
                300+          Needles $ 0.70 each

    All needles will be cleaned upon receipt and returned the following day.

                       Needle straightening Prices:
           Includes straightening, cleaning and point conditioning.

            0-99        Needles $ 1.75 each (Note minimum charge of $40.00)
            100-199 Needles $ 1.25 each
            200-299 Needles $ 1.00 each
            300+      Needles $ 0.75 each

            Replacement needles available for all types of injectors.

                           Contact us today for additional details.
Meat Injector Spare Parts,GEA/CFS/Belam
Meat Injector Spare Parts,GEA/CFS/Belam